TN 32 (08-23)

GN 00504.300 Referrals to State or Local Social Agencies For Payee Assistance

A. Referrals to State or local social agencies for payee assistance

The Regional Commissioners (RCs) are the focal point for Social Security Administrations (SSAs) interaction with State social agencies. RC’s are responsible for establishing rules and procedures for field office’s (FOs) in their regions to follow in referring beneficiaries to public or private community social agencies.

B. Procedure for requesting assistance in locating a representative payee

1. Requesting assistance for locating a representative payee

If requesting assistance from a public or private social agency for locating a payee:

  • Establish a follow up diary for the social agency’s referral for 20 working days from the referral date.

  • If the agency has not located a payee, resume or continue FO development.

  • Conduct an investigation or interview of the payee applicant that the agency recommends.

  • If an applicant is selected, the FO may (depending upon the circumstances), establish a follow up control diary until it is convinced that the representative payee is properly performing their duties.

NOTE: The FO is still responsible for appointing and monitoring representative payee performance.

2. Referral of substandard facility

Make a referral to the State or local agency responsible for the licensing or monitoring of the organization if the FO becomes aware of:

  • substandard conditions in a nursing home, boarding house or similar facility;

  • a health or safety problem not properly addressed at a facility; or

  • an unlicensed nursing home.

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