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RM 10211.355 Reviewing the Student and Exchange Visitor (SEVIS) Form DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J1) Status)

A. Description of Items on Form DS-2019

The SEVIS-generated Form DS-2019 is a one-page, 8 ½ by 11-inch white paper form with a block containing a bar code with the designation “J1” or “J2 Dependent” above it in the upper right corner. The letter “N” followed by the exchange visitor's 10-digit SEVIS identification (ID) number appears in the upper right corner above the bar code block.

NOTE: The DS-2019 has an Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval number and expiration date for that approval in the upper right-hand corner of the form. DS-2019s with an OMB expiration date of "02-28-2005," "04-30-2008," "07-31-2011" or later are acceptable and valid.

The DS-2019 contains information about the exchange visitor's status, the particular program in which he or she is participating, and the duration of that program.

For instructions on entering the DS-2019 information to process a Social Security Number (SSN) application, see RM 10211.365. For exhibits of the DS-2019 for J1 and J2 exchange visitors, see RM 10211.380.

1. Item 1

Item 1 shows the name of the J1 or J2, gender, date of birth, citizenship information, and U.S. address.

NOTE: The United States (U.S.) address is usually the site where the J1's program activity will take place. In the case of Summer Work Travel participants, whose U.S. address may not be known in advance as by immigration law only 50 percent must be pre-placed, this address could be the sponsor's address.

2. Item 2

Item 2 shows the exchange visitor's sponsoring organization name and identifies the exchange visitor category authorized for that sponsor by the Department of State (DOS).

Do not routinely question whether DOS has approved the sponsor. If there is doubt of the document’s authenticity or if you have any question about whether DOS has approved the sponsor, contact your regional office (RO) and your RO will contact central office (CO) policy staff.

3. Item 3

Item 3 shows the period the applicant will be in the program.

DOS regulations allow J1 exchange visitors to be in the U.S. up to 30 days before their program starts and 30 days after their program ends. Thus, accept a “Program Start Date” up to 30 days in the future from when the applicant filed the SSN application. Exchange visitors should use the 30-day period following the end of the program for domestic travel or to prepare for and depart from the U.S. and for no other purpose. Since sponsors may issue form DS-2019, and then later sign the form enter the issue date/program start date to indicate proof of legal immigration status.

4. Item 4

Item 4 shows the authorized exchange visitor category for the J1 or J2. For the complete listing of all J1 categories, see RM 10211.345.

5. Item 5

Item 5 provides a breakout of the total estimated financial support the participant will receive during his or her program.

6. Item 6

Item 6 contains a block for the immigration inspection officer to record the port of entry, date admitted, exchange visitor's class of admission (e.g., “J1”), and length of authorized stay. Effective August 2012, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) stopped its practice of routinely placing an admission stamp in this field on the DS-2019. Accept an unstamped DS-2019 if the exchange visitor also submits evidence of nonimmigrant status reflecting a proper admission stamp per RM 10211.135.

7. Item 7

Item 7 contains the signature, address, and telephone number of the sponsor's official (Responsible Officer or Alternate Responsible Officer). It also provides the date the sponsor printed and signed the DS-2019

Effective April 27, 2023 the Department of State no longer requires "blue ink" on a signed original of the DS-2019. In addition, the (Responsible Officer or Alternate Responsible Officer) may also sign and transmit Form DS-2019 using the following methods:

Email a scanned version of the physically signed Form I-20, or

Email a digitally signed Form I-20 using electronic signature software; or

Email a digitally signed Form I-20 that contains a digitally reproduced copy of a physical signature.

8. Item 8

Item 8 provides a statement of the Responsible Officer for releasing the sponsor when an exchange visitor transfers programs.

9. Block below Item 8

The block below Item 8 contains information completed by the consular or immigration officer. This block may not contain the name and signature of the official when a sponsor generates a new DS-2019 following a reportable event or if the original DS-2019 is lost or destroyed. Accept a valid DS-2019 even if the block below Item 8 is not complete as long as the J1 also submits evidence of nonimmigrant status reflecting a proper admission stamp per RM 10211.135.

B. New DS-2019 based on reportable event

A “reportable event” is a DHS term for a change in an exchange visitor's status that requires an update to the exchange visitor’s record in SEVIS. Reportable events include:

  • extension or change of status,

  • change of category,

  • replacement of a lost form,

  • change in school or sponsor, or

  • change in funding.

When a reportable event occurs, the sponsor will generate a new DS-2019. A new DS-2019 generated after the exchange visitor entered the U.S. will not have a DHS stamp but it must have a date and contain the sponsor's original signature.

C. References

  • RM 10211.135 Evidence of Non-immigrant Status for an SSN Card

  • RM 10211.345 Evidence of Employment Authorization for the J1 (Exchange Visitor) and J2 (Dependent of J1) Classes of Admission

  • RM 10211.350 Background Information on SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System)

  • RM 10211.365 Entering Information from Form DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J1) status into the Enumeration System

  • RM 10211.380 Exhibit of Form DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J1) Status)

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