TN 35 (03-12)

GN 00301.031 Validity of Telefax Documents

A. Policy for validity of telefax documents

1. What is a telefax or “fax”

Treat a telefax or “fax” document(s) the same as an “uncertified” photocopy; that is, we assume a fax is valid if we receive it from the record custodian or another SSA office.

2. Acceptable fax copy

A fax copy is acceptable if it is legible and is a copy of a valid document. You can check that the format, certification, and other aspects of the document is consistent with valid documents issued by the custodian of the record. The custodian of the record must send the document directly to an SSA office.

NOTE: Follow instructions for recording evidence faxed or received in the field office (FO) or the workload support unit (WSU) in GN 01070.781B.2., and certify the photocopy of the document(s) before faxing to another SSA office. For certification of photocopies, see GN 00301.095.

The term “SSA office” includes those other government agencies shown in GN 00301.090.

3. Not acceptable fax copy

A fax copy is not acceptable from a claimant or other third party as it is impossible to determine whether the original document was genuine or unaltered.

EXCEPTION: For exception to this rule, see GN 00301.030B.4.

B. Procedure for retaining fax documents

If SSA must retain the document, prepare a photocopy of the fax copy when we print the fax output on thermal or heat sensitive paper, which deteriorates over time.

C. Reference

GN 00301.365 Transmittal of Foreign-Language Documents for Translation

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