TN 73 (03-23)

GN 00301.150 Evidence of Mail Development

A. Procedure for mail contact

Use mail contact when:

  • there is no need for a personal interview and a telephone contact is not feasible; or

  • we could not expect the person to come to the office because of some physical condition, travel distance, or other special circumstance.

B. When to use development forms or letters

Use the following forms or letters when requesting evidence from the claimant.

NOTE: Document the claims development worksheet (DW01/DW03) file with the type of evidence or information requested and the date of the request. Do not maintain a copy of the development request if we can document it electronically. Retain a copy of the letter (e.g., in NDRed using the Evidence Portal) if we will deny the claim for failure to comply and the letter was not produced or stored electronically. Destroy any paper copy of the request when you receive the evidence or information.

1. SSA-2708 (Field Office Call/Come in Request)

Use the SSA-2708 to:

  • request that the claimant telephone or visit the office; and

  • identify additional required evidence or information.

2. SSA-L566 (Social Security Application Development)

Use the SSA-L566 to:

  • transmit a teleclaim application for signature; and

  • request necessary evidence or information.

3. SSA-L1043 (Social Security Request for Information)

Use the SSA-L1043 for initial mail request to explain what evidence we need. Allow up to 15 days for response to this initial request.

4. SSA-L1045-U2 (Request for Information — Final Request)

  1. a. 

    Use the SSA-L1045-U2 if the claimant does not respond to the initial request for evidence.

  2. b. 

    Allow 15 calendar days for a response before sending a disallowance letter (or an award that is less than favorable) to the claimant. (For information on failure to submit essential evidence, see GN 01010.410.)

NOTE: The SSA-L1045–U5 requesting evidence should indicate the original 30–day final request period and date, which begins with the initial request (for information on how to close a protective writing, see GN 00204.012).

5. SSA-L732 (Request for Additional Information)

Use the SSA-L732 to obtain additional information when we require a signature. (For complete instructions on obtaining supplemental applications or statements, see GN 00205.020.)

C. Requesting evidence of earnings

Use Form SSA-7011-F4 (Statement of Employer) to request evidence of earnings from an employer. (For additional information on this process, see RS 01403.035.)

D. Third party requests

  • To request evidence by mail from a third party source (other than a request for earnings from an employer), prepare a special letter explaining what we need.

  • Offer any information available to hasten the reply.

  • Include a Form SSA-8510 (Authorization for the Social Security Administration to Obtain Personal Information) wet (i.e., pen-and-ink) signed by the claimant (for additional information, see GN 00301.185).

  • In foreign claims, we make third party contacts by requesting the assistance of the Foreign Service Post in Manila, Philippines or the Foreign Service Post (FSP) in other countries (see GN 00904.225).

E. Reference

For Payment Center (PC) direct contact mail procedure, see GN 01070.320.

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