TN 16 (09-93)

GN 00302.360 Requesting BCs from “No” Countries


When a claimant who was born in a “No” country answers “yes” to the availability of evidence question on the application, the record must be sought.

EXCEPTION: Review entries for individual countries in GN 00307.140 and GN 00307.303 through GN 00307.967 to determine situations in which preferred evidence will not be required even if the claimant asserts it exists.


Follow the chart below in determining the adequacy of evidence.

IF... THEN...
  • Evidence in file meets the guidelines of

    GN 00302.110 or

    GN 00302.125, or

  • In material discrepancy situations, the evidence in file constitutes “best evidence” (excluding the preferred evidence that has been requested—see

    GN 00302.170)

  • Make an interim determination, and

  • Process the claim immediately with a diary follow-up like that in

    GN 00302.350 C.

The available evidence is not adequate to support a DB determination.

Hold the claim until a response is received from the country of birth.

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