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GN 00302.900 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Records

A. General

DHS records contain age information for foreign-born claimants. Success in locating arrival records may depend on furnishing accurate information to DHS about the claimant's entry (see GN 00302.910ff.).

The date of arrival and whether and when the claimant was naturalized primarily dictate:

  • The type of records available, and

  • The kind of information contained in these records, and

  • From which office and how to request the records, and

  • The amount of information needed to search for the records.

B. When to request arrival records

Request the arrival record when:

  • We must rely on domestic evidence of an individual's age, and

  • He/she presents no other convincing evidence recorded shortly after arrival.

C. Correctness of arrival record questionable

Some claimants may question the correctness of the arrival record because it shows a lower age given by a parent to obtain cheaper transportation to this country. Some steamship lines did have half-fare rates for children under 12. Therefore, if the claimant would have been age 12 or over at the time of immigration, based on the DB alleged, you should:

  • Assume that the claimant's current statement is correct, and

  • Obtain other evidence of high probative value in this situation, even if it postdates the arrival record.

D. Comment

The information concerning DHS records contained in the several following sections should apply in most cases. However, you may sometimes have to modify the procedures indicated bcecause of:

  • Complexities and changes in the laws which DHS administers, and

  • Slightly different record keeping practices in different DHS offices.

Additional information and instructions for obtaining DHS information are contained on Form G-639 .)

E. Note

If the DHS record shows January 1 as the day of birth, see GN 00302.960C.

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