TN 11 (03-05)

GN 00504.103 Representative Payee Identified by the Prisoner (PUPS) Match

A. Policy

An individual who is currently incarcerated is not in a position to serve as payee and should be replaced. A recent past period of incarceration is an indicator that a continued payee suitability investigation may be warranted.

B. Background

Prisoner data are matched against the eRPS to identify those persons serving (or who are applying to serve) as payee and who have recently been incarcerated. When prisoner data match an active or pending representative payee record, the eRPS will produce a paper alert and establish a work issue for control purposes (MS INTRANETERPS 008.007 and 008.008).

C. Process

If you receive a PUPS/eRPS alert, query the PUPS, eRPS, and MBR/SSR to ensure the correct person is identified and is serving as payee or has applied to be payee. (MS INTRANETERPS 010.004).

If the alert was produced incorrectly (eRPS incorrectly reflects an active payee relationship), correct the eRPS (relationship termination) and the work issue will be cleared.

If the alert is correct, follow the instructions in GN 02607.600 to determine whether the individual is still incarcerated. If the payee is still incarcerated, develop for a successor payee.

If the individual is no longer incarcerated, conduct a continued suitability investigation. Consider the reason for the incarceration and the payee's relationship to the beneficiary. If you believe the payee is still suitable, document fully the reasons for retaining the individual as payee on the Make Note screen and clear the work issue.

D. Procedure - Documentation

When clearing the work issue, indicate the reason for clearance. In addition, if you allow the payee to continue to serve, fully document the rationale for your decision on the Make Note of the eRPS. If data on the PUPS is inaccurate, update as appropriate.

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