TN 21 (07-23)

GN 00903.100 Types of Referral Services SSA Provides

A. Most common referrals

The need for referral services to other government agencies (whether Federal, State, or local) and to social welfare services for the aged, blind, disabled, widowed, or orphaned is based on the type of inquiries from claimants and recipients.

The majority of the referrals are to welfare agencies, and concern services and additional income supports. These referrals are:

  • Interim assistance (which allows SSI clients to receive general assistance pending approval for SSI);

  • Expedited service for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP);

  • Medicaid (including those programs limited to paying Medicare related costs only);

  • General assistance;

  • Energy assistance programs; and

  • Housing assistance programs.

NOTE: Use the Office Information/Referral tab in the Enhanced Leads and Appointment System (eLAS) to query local referral information, when needed, see MS 00601.003.

B. Mandatory SSA referrals

The following referrals are mandatory:

  • For referral of disabled applicants to the State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, by law, see in DI 13501.001 for more information.

  • In some situations, the FO initiates requests for a social services agency to be the representative payee (see GN 00502.159).

  • Under the SSI program, referrals made to determine eligibility to another benefit might have a bearing on SSI eligibility such as for veterans' benefits. (SSA refers claimants with Medicaid problems to the State Medicaid agencies).

  • For households in immediate need of food assistance, refer for SNAP benefits; (see SI 01801.150).

C. Non Social Security questions

  • The amount of time or effort employees should expend on helping an individual with a question that does not directly involve the Social Security program will depend on the situation and the ability of the individual to help them.

  • Where an individual seems confused, emotionally upset, or otherwise unable to act effectively, offer special help. With their consent, consider calling another agency and arranging an appointment for the individual.

  • When an immediate problem of financial need results in delay in a benefit check and the beneficiary requires financial assistance, the FO may call an appropriate agency and explain the situation. Write the name and address of an agency, or the time and place of an appointment to help the individual. For information regarding the use of the SSA notices program, see GN 00903.200A.

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