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GN 03360.020 Privacy Act Administration - Copying Records


1. Who May Photocopy

Although SSA staff normally copies all material made available to a requester, you may allow a visitor to whom you are releasing information to operate the SSA photocopy equipment. These requirements must be met:

  • Local management approves.

  • Information is removed from the file before photocopying if the information pertains to an individual for whom there is no authorization to disclose.

EXAMPLE: The authorization only provides for release of information about the A beneficiary, and there is information concerning the B beneficiary in file. All material pertaining to B is removed before allowing the requester to photocopy the file.

  • Someone on the SSA staff is in the area to ensure that the visitor does not remove original material from the file.

2. Photocopy or Scanning Equipment

At the discretion of SSA management, requesters may bring in their own photocopy or scanning equipment and supplies to copy SSA records.

3. Charging Fees for Personal Records

SSA may charge requesters for photocopy service if personal records are copies for non-program related purposes. GN 03311.005E explains how to figure the rate. However, the rates are modified in situations where the requester prepares the photocopies or provides equipment.

a. Copies Prepared by SSA Employees on SSA Equipment

The full rate, including the cost of having an SSA employee:

  • retrieve the file,

  • remove personal data which should not be disclosed, and

  • run the photocopy equipment.

In addition, there is a 10 cent per page charge for the copies.

b. Copies Prepared by the Requester on SSA Equipment

The full rate will be charged as shown above, except there will be no charge for having an employee run the equipment. However, there may be a charge if an employee must go to the area where the photocopying takes place to ensure that nothing is removed from the file.

c. Copies Prepared by the Requester Using His or Her Own Photocopy Equipment

If the requester provides the necessary equipment and paper, the only charge would normally be for the cost of retrieving the file and removing any personal information which is not authorized for disclosure. There may be an additional charge if an employee has to go to the area where photocopying takes place.

4. Charging Fees for Nonpersonal Information

Nonpersonal information, such as staff manuals and instructions, are subject to the FOIA fee schedule. Under that schedule, we generally charge only the standard cost for duplication of material. Except for furnishing copies of staff manuals and instructions material available in local offices, all other requests for nonpersonal information should be referred to the FOIA officer in CO.

Requests for 75 or fewer photocopied pages will be filled without charge if there are no other materials requested (see GN 03311.005G for fee waiver).

Requests for more than 75 photocopied pages will be sent via Form SSA-1723 (Requisition and Receipt for Technical Materials and Instructions) (see Exhibit 1) to:

Office of Public Inquiries
6401 Security Blvd.
Windsor Park Bldg.
Baltimore, Maryland 21235

This procedure applies even to offices which have the staff manuals requested. It is designed to preclude local offices from spending large amounts of time photocopying. (See GN 03360.040E for instructions on filling out the SSA-1723). OPI will refer the request to the appropriate component, determine the fee, and bill the requester accordingly.

5. FAXing Documents

Individuals requesting access to their records may ask that copies of the records be sent to them by FAX. This request may be honored if the office which receives it has the capability of FAXing material.

Information may also be FAXed to a third party requester, if the written authorization of the subject individual specifies that FAX may be used to send the requested records.

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