TN 14 (09-23)

RS 01601.170 Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act (RUIA)

A. Introduction

Unemployment benefits are payable for each day of unemployment that exceeds 4 days in a 14-consecutive-day period. An employee is qualified if they earn more than a specified amount in the base year. For the effect of SS benefits, see RS 01602.507.

Sickness benefits requirements are similar to those for the RUIA unemployment benefits. Provisions are included for extended sick leave but terminate the day before age 65.

B. Policy

1. Effect of other SS benefits on RUIA

  1. a. 

    RUIA benefits are not payable or are reduced if the worker receives unemployment, sickness, or another benefit from a foreign or domestic social insurance program, including SS benefits.

  2. b. 

    RUIA sickness benefits are reduced by the amount of any SS benefit and any benefit from the RRB.

2. Not used as protective filing for RR annuity or SS benefit

An application for benefits under the RUIA is not protective filing for a RR annuity or SS benefits.

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