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RS 01602.608 Documenting Railroad Employment

A. Form SSA-671, Railroad Employment Questionnaire

Use of the SSA-671 is optional. You should rarely use it. The SSA-671 provides information on railroad earnings and employment information, but this information is usually already available from application screens and interviewer questions reported on a report of contact (RPOC) screen.

B. Electronic data collection

SSA collects the railroad earnings and employment information on the following Modernized Claims System (MCS) Direct Application Data Entry (DADE) screens:

  • Additional Benefits (ADDB)

  • CL Railroad Employment (CLRR)

  • NH Additional Benefits (NHAB)

  • NH Railroad Employment (NHRR)

  • SP Railroad Employment (SPRR)

C. Exhibit of SSA-671, Railroad Employment Questionnaire

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