TN 35 (11-23)

RS 02501.075 Monthly Earnings Test in a Fiscal Year (FY)

A. Definition of a FY

A FY is an accounting period of 12 months that is other than January 1 through December 31.

B. Policy for monthly earnings test in a FY

1. Initial grace year for a FY

If the beneficiary's taxable year (TY) is a FY, the initial grace year is the first TY ending after 12/31/77 in which the beneficiary has a non-service month (NSM) that is an entitled month after 12/77.

EXAMPLE:A self-employed beneficiary reports earnings on a FY basis that runs 5/1/99 through 4/30/00. They receive monthly benefits under the monthly earnings test (MET) for the NSMs 12/99 through 4/00 because their TY ends after 12/31/77 and they have NSMs for the FY ending 4/30/00. Therefore, 1999 is the initial grace year. Do not apply the MET for months in any TY after 4/00.

2. FY is first retirement year

If the beneficiary had not previously had a TY in which they were for the first time both entitled and had a NSM, then the MET applies to all months of the first FY ending after 12/31/77.

EXAMPLE:Beneficiary's FY is 5/1/98 through 4/30/99 with earnings of $30,000 and NSMs of 11/98 through 4/30/99. They did not have a NSM prior to the FY ending 5/1/98. Therefore, they receive full benefits for 11/98 though 4/99 since the MET applies.

3. FY is not first retirement year

If the beneficiary previously had a TY with a NSM after 1977 then the MET cannot apply to later years.

EXAMPLE: The beneficiary became entitled to retirement insurance benefits (RIB) in 1997. They had NSMs in 1997 and 1998. Their FY runs from 7/98 through 6/99. They have NSMs in 11/98 and 3/99. They earn $30,000 per year. Since their initial grace year was 1997, no benefits can be paid for 11/98 and 3/99.

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