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DI 10105.080 Age Requirement

A. Current

To become entitled to a Disability Insurance Benefit (DIB) or to establish a period of disability, the number holder (NH) must meet all requirements in a month in which he or she has not yet attained full retirement age (FRA). If the individual qualifies for a period of disability only because of the special definition of disability in DI 10105.065, he or she must be at least age 55. If a NH is insured only under the special insured status as in RS 00301.140 the disability must have begun before age 31.

B. Age 50 requirement for benefits prior to 11/60

Prior to 11/60 a NH must have attained age 50 in order to qualify for DIB. NH’s under 50 could become entitled to a freeze but not to monthly benefits. This requirement was dropped by the 1960 amendments for cash benefits beginning 11/60, based on applications filed after 8/60.

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