TN 49 (08-08)

DI 11010.250 Using Work Activity Reports

A. Policy - Field Office use of Work Activity Reports

The SSA-821 (Work Activity Report – Employee) and the SSA-820 (Work Activity Report -- Self-Employed Person) are used to document work activity, substantial gainful activity (SGA), and related determinations. Complete the forms as follows:

  • For Certified Electronic Files (CEFs) complete the form using eForms, and save the form to the CEF. See Using Form Attestation for Work Activity Reports - DI 81010.120 for procedure on using the electronic process for attestation procedures for work activity reports.

  • For EDCS exclusion/limitation or non CEF claims that have been entered into the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) (the official folder is paper), forward the completed form to the appropriate component.

  • The references below contain detailed information on completing the forms.

B. References

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