TN 15 (11-02)

DI 13010.100 Terminating Title II (Non-EPE cases)

A. Procedure - Title II Portion of SGA

If the case is paper, file the Title II cessation determination in the appropriate area of the folder. If an eWork exclusion applies, input the Title II work cessation determination in POS. Otherwise, eWork will prepare and send the disability cessation directly to the post-entitlement (POS) system. If the action you took is a POS exclusion, a Benefit Authorizer (BA) in the payment center will manually input the unprocessed action. If the POS input excepts, TATTER will generate an exception alert for OCO/PSC to resolve. Check the record to assure that the termination action has been taken. If the query shows that the termination has not been effectuated, follow-up with OCO/PSC (follow local procedures). You can use eWork to generate the necessary FAX sheet.

eWork will clear the disability control file (DCF), however, if you aren’t using eWork, you’ll need to do this manually (procedure for how to complete the DCF through the field office input screen (IFOA) is in DI 13010.620).

NOTE: After 07/01/1987 SGA is not a basis for finding that disability ended in a Title XVI claim. Process a Title XVI post-eligibility work issue case according to instructions in DI 13005.016. Handle medical reviews of Title XVI only and of the Title XVI portion of concurrent cases per DI 40540.001, including cases in which the individual' s whereabouts is unknown or the individual fails to cooperate.

B. Procedure - Concurrent SSI/DWB or SSI/CDB

In concurrent SSI/DWB or SSI/CDB cases, follow the procedures above, but modify the FAX to indicate the type of case involved, if applicable (i.e., SSI/DWB cessation).

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