DI 25025.000 Medical-Vocational Guidelines

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 25025.001The Medical-Vocational GuidelinesTN 6 02-15
DI 25025.005Using the Medical-Vocational GuidelinesTN 6 02-15
DI 25025.010Using Rule 204.00 as a Framework for a DeterminationTN 6 02-15
DI 25025.015Using a Rule as a Framework When Exertional Capacity Falls between Two RulesTN 6 02-15
DI 25025.020Applying the Medical-Vocational Rules When the Claimant has Exertional and Nonexertional LimitationsTN 6 02-15
DI 25025.022Using a Medical-Vocational Rule as a Framework When the Issue of Transferable Skills is Not Material to the DeterminationTN 6 02-15
DI 25025.025Vocational Factors Do Not Match a Medical-Vocational RuleTN 7 04-17
DI 25025.030A Significant Number of Jobs to Support a Framework “Not Disabled” DeterminationTN 6 02-15
DI 25025.035Tables No. 1, 2, 3, and Rule 204.00TN 6 02-15

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