DI 25210.000 Considerations in Determining Disability for Children

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considerations in determining disability for children
DI 25210.001 Basic Considerations (Section 416.924a(a)) TN BASIC 01-01
Factors We Consider Throughout the Sequential Evaluation Process
DI 25210.005 Factors We Consider When We Evaluate The Effects Of Your Impairment(s) On Your Functioning (Section 416.924a(b)(1)-(2)) TN BASIC 01-01
DI 25210.010 How Your Functioning Compares To The Functioning Of Children Your Age Who Do Not Have Impairments (Section 416.924a(b)(3)) TN BASIC 01-01
DI 25210.015 Combined Effects of Multiple Impairments - Policy (Section 416.924a(b)(4)) TN BASIC 01-01
DI 25210.020 How Well You Can Initiate, Sustain, and Complete Activities, Including The Amount of Help Or Adaptations You Need, And The Effects Of Structured Or Supportive Settings (Section 416.924a(b)(5)) TN BASIC 01-01
DI 25210.025 Unusual Settings - Policy (Section 416.924a(b)(6)) TN BASIC 01-01
DI 25210.030 Early Intervention And School Programs (Section 416.924a(b)(7)) TN BASIC 01-01
DI 25210.035 The Impact Of Chronic Illness And Limitations That Interfere With Your Activities Over Time – Policy (Section 416.924a(b)(8)) TN BASIC 01-01
DI 25210.040 The Effects Of Treatment (Including Medications and Other Treatment) (Section 416.924a(b)(9)) TN BASIC 01-01


20 CFR 416.924a

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