TN 10 (04-09)

DI 26510.075 Completing Item 27 (Rationale) on the SSA-831

A. Introduction

Rationales may be required on an allowance or denial. For the streamlined rationale requirements currently in effect see “Simplified Rationale Procedures 1987 (Initial Claims),” DI 26516.000.

B. Steps to completing Item 27

1. SSA-4268 prepared

Check the first block in Item 27, “See Attached SSA-4268-U4/C4,” when the rationale is prepared on an SSA-4268, Explanation of Determination.

2. Appendix 2 rule met

  1. a. 

    Check the second block, “Check if Vocational Rule Met. Cite Rule,” if appropriate.

  2. b. 

    Next to the arrow, cite the rule for an allowance, denial or closed period case.

C. References

  • DI 26515.000, Rationale Preparation (Initial Claims)

  • DI 25025.001, Application of Medical –Vocational Rules

  • DI 25025.005, Exhibit of Appendix 2 – Medical-Vocational Guidelines

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