TN 1 (09-09)

DI 27540.010 Title II-Only Reopening Notices

A. Policy

Statutory Benefit Continuation (SBC) applies to a revision from:

  • an allowance to a denial;

  • an allowance to a closed period of disability;

  • a continuance to a cessation; and

  • a cessation to an earlier cessation date.

B. Procedure for selecting notices

Prepare the notice on blank SSA-L951-U2 letterhead using the model language indicated. Do not include the italicized language from the model notices in the actual notice that is being released because it is informational to the Disability Determination Services (DDS) personnel and not meant for the beneficiary.

Use the notice indicated for the following situations:

1. Reopening and revision is fully favorable

No DDS notice is required.

2. Reopening and revision is less than fully favorable

  • Allowance to Closed Period – Title II – Reopening Notice 4 (NL 00705.216)

  • Denial to Partially Favorable Onset (not AOD) – Title II – Reopening Notice 6 (NL 00705.226)

  • Denial to Closed Period – Title II – Reopening Notice 8 (NL 00705.236)

  • Fully or Partially Favorable Onset to a Later Onset – Title II – Reopening Notice 10 (NL 00705.246)

3. Reopening and revision is unfavorable

Allowance to Denial – Title II – Reopening Notice 1 (NL 00705.201)

4. Reopening and revision is unfavorable – Notifying auxiliaries in separate households

Auxiliary – Title II – Reopening Notice 3 (NL 00705.211)

5. Basis change only – blind to disabled

Change in Basis – Blind to Disabled – Title II – Reopening Notice 13 (NL 00705.261)

6. No change in end result – claimant aware or denial of request to reopen and revise

  • No Change in Basis or End Result – Claimant Aware of Denial Request to Reopen and Revise – Title II or Title XVI – Reopening Notice 12 (NL 00705.256)

7. No change in basis or end result – claimant unaware

No DDS notice is required.

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