Ticket to Work

Chapter Table of Contents
DI 55001.000 Overview of the Ticket and Self-Sufficiency Program
DI 55002.000 Ticket Eligibility
DI 55005.000 The Program Manager and the Ticket Program
DI 55010.000 Employment Networks and the Ticket Program
DI 55020.000 Individual Work Plans and Individualized Plans for Employment
DI 55025.000 Ticket Use Status
DI 55030.000 Earnings Verification for Ticket Users
DI 55050.000 Inquires and Referrals Related to the Ticket Program
DI 55055.000 Current Work Incentives and the Ticket
DI 55060.000 EN Payment Systems Under the Ticket Program
DI 55070.000 DDS Responsibilities in the Ticket and Self-Sufficiency Program
DI 55075.000 Ticket to Work Dispute Resolution
DI 55099.000 Ticket to Work Exhibits

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