TN 1 (04-19)

DI 80630.020 eView

eView is an application that will enable the PC user to view and/or print the disability information contained in the EF.

This includes:

  • case information (e.g., case type, level and filing dates);

  • claimant information (e.g., name, address, phone numbers, date of birth, etc.);

  • disability information (alleged onset, allegations, etc.); and

  • disability related forms (e.g., SSA-3368/SSA-3820, SSA-3369, SSA-3367, SSA-827) and medical evidence.

The PC case processing staff along with OQA and the DDS will be the primary users of the eView application. Material in the EF is always filed under the claimant’s own SSN or BOAN.

eView is a web-based application that all PC employees can access by:

  • using the eView desktop icon; or

  • entering the eView website; or

  • using interfaces from case processing systems that link directly to the eView application (e.g., eForms, DDS systems, DICARS, etc.).

Training materials for eView are available on the Office of Learning’s website.

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