DI 81001.000 Certified Electronic Folder (CEF)

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 81001.005 Electronic Disability (eDib) and the Electronic Folder (EF) TN 8 09-20
DI 81001.010 Commonly Used Acronyms and Terms in the Electronic Disability Guide (eDG) TN BASIC 01-08
DI 81001.015 Determining if a Folder is a Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) TN 2 03-19
DI 81001.020 Paper Folder Indicators (PFIs) TN 2 03-19
DI 81001.025 Authorized Access to the Electronic Folder (EF) TN 12 11-23
DI 81001.030 Claimant or Representative Requests a Copy of the Claims Folder TN 7 07-20
DI 81001.035 Copying a Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) to Compact Disc (CD) or Portable Document Format (PDF) TN 11 04-23
DI 81001.040 Editing a Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) in eView TN BASIC 01-08
DI 81001.045 Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Routing Form TN 13 12-23

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