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DI 81007.050 i3441 Disability Appeal - iAppeals

This section contains information specific to the i3441 - Disability Appeal.

A. i3441 and iAppeals history

SSA made the original version of the i3441 available for public use on a limited basis in November 2003. SSA fully implemented the i3441 in February 2004.

The i3441 was a standalone service for claimants who filed for disability benefits and received a medical denial. Internet users (IU) submitted the i3441 independently of any requests for appeal. IUs could not file requests for reconsideration or hearing via Internet.

Key events in the evolution of the i3441:

  • In December 2007, SSA implemented the Internet appeals service, iAppeals. iAppeals made Internet versions of the SSA-561 (Request for Reconsideration) (i561) and HA-501 (Request for Hearing by Administrative Law Judge) (i501) available to IUs. Implementation of iAppeals restricted access to the i3441. IUs could not gain access to the i3441 without first completing and submitting an i561 or i501. After i561 or i501 submission, IUs had to start and submit the i3441 separately.

  • Starting October 2011, the submission of an i561 or i501 automatically created an i3441 partial. The system issued a reentry number for the i3441 immediately after an i561 or i501 submission.

  • In August 2012, SSA added eAuthorization to the i3441. Certain IUs could sign an SSA-827 (Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration (SSA)) electronically, and submit it with the i3441.

  • Beginning March 14, 2015, IUs submit an i561 or i501 request for appeal and the i3441 simultaneously. iAppeals allows multi-session use of the i561 and i501. It no longer requires IUs to complete and submit the appeal request in a single Internet session. The new iAppeals allows IUs to start an i561 or i501, exit, and return to edit and continue the request, as long as the user submits the appeal within 90 days of the date that iAppeals issued the reentry number. However, IUs must complete all fields required by the i561 or i501 and the i3441 before the system will allow submission. This iAppeals release also added a document attachment utility. The iAppeals attachment utility offers the IU an opportunity to submit other forms and documents via the Internet (e.g., SSA-1696, medical records).

B. Filing date protection

Starting an iAppeals request does not protect a filing date for the appeal. There is no protection of filing dates for appeals. If the claimant does not file (submit) an appeal timely, they must show good cause for late filing (see GN 03101.020). Even though we consider receipt of a paper SSA-3441 to be a request for appeal, the i3441 cannot fill such a role because the IU must submit an i561 or i501 with the i3441 simultaneously. See GN 03102.100C.3.

NOTE: It is possible that filing a request for appeal can serve as a protective writing for a new claim when the appeal request is filed late and good cause for late filing does not exist. Close the protective filing per the instructions in GN 00204.012. See GN 00204.010F and GN 03101.020D.1.b.2.

C. Who can use iAppeals and the i3441

Any claimant, or third party acting on behalf of a claimant, can file an iAppeals request if the claimant has received an unfavorable medical determination on:

  • An initial Title II or Title XVI claim processed in the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS); or

  • A reconsideration processed in EDCS.

NOTE: IUs cannot request Appeals Council review via the Internet. The system will block such attempts and tell the IU to contact SSA.

D. Choosing to file the i561 or i501

iAppeals automatically presents the proper appeal request form to the IU. When an IU starts a request in iAppeals, iAppeals checks EDCS to determine whether:

  • the disability case was processed in EDCS for the SSN entered by the IU;

  • the claimant received an unfavorable medical determination;

  • the case involves a prototype state;

  • the unfavorable medical determination was made for an initial claim or a reconsideration; and

  • the appeal is a request for reconsideration or a hearing.

After iAppeals finishes its screening, it presents the proper appeal request form to the IU. If the SSN does not pass the screening, the appeal cannot be filed through iAppeals. iAppeals will tell the IU to contact SSA by either calling the national 800 number or visiting a local field office.

E. eAuthorization and the SSA-827

The i3441 presents two methods by which certain claimants may submit a signed SSA-827. Eligible claimants can sign an electronic version of the SSA-827 (e827) with the eAuthorization option. Claimants who do not sign an e827 electronically must submit a signed paper SSA-827.

1. eAuthorization in the i3441

The i3441 offers eAuthorization to IUs who:

  • Successfully pass all the screening criteria for iAppeals;

  • Complete an i561 or i501; and

  • Complete the i3441 for themselves.

The eAuthorization page asks users whether they want to sign the e827 or submit a signed paper SSA-827. Some users choose not to sign the e827 and others make no selection at all. Users can move forward in the i3441 without making a selection. The i3441 does not require users to make a choice. Users who choose to sign the e827 submit the e827, the i561 or i501, and the i3441 simultaneously.

2. The SSA-827

The i3441 instructs IUs who are not eligible for, or do not sign, the e827 to:

  • Print an SSA-827 and a cover sheet;

  • Sign and date the SSA-827, if the IU is the claimant;

  • Have the claimant sign and date a printed SSA-827, if the IU is a third party; and

  • Mail or take the SSA-827, with the cover sheet, to the FO.

If the FO receives an iAppeals request (i561 or i501 and i3441) from the Internet, without an 827:

F. Submitting the iAppeals Request

iAppeals presents itself to IUs in the following sequence:

  • i561 or i501 – IU completes the request for appeal;

  • i3441 – IU completes the i3441;

  • e827 – qualified IUs can sign the e827 electronically, if they wish. Others must submit a signed SSA-827 later.

  • The document attachment utility.

After answering the required questions in the i561, i501, i3441, and e827 (if applicable), the IU can use the attachment utility to attach additional documents to the appeals package. The end of the iAppeals screen path has a single “Submit Appeal” button. When the IU selects the Submit Appeal button, iAppeals automatically submits all the completed forms and attachments to SSA as one package.

NOTE: In this section, the word “completed” means that the IU provided, at the least, the minimum amount of information required by the Internet forms. That does not necessarily mean that the IU answered every item required for transfer to the Disability Determination Services or hearing office.


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