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DI 81020.240 Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Determinations

Disability Determination Services (DDS) users prepare the electronic versions of the CDR determination form (SSA 832/833), decisional notice, case development worksheet and rationale using the DDS case processing system, which uploads the documentation to the appropriate sections of the Certified Electronic Folder (CEF).

When adjudicating an eCDR, create:

  • SSA-832/833. See CDR Completion of Form SSA-832-C3/U3 - DI 28084.000 and Title II CDR – Completion of Form SSA-833-C3/U3 - DI 28084.000 for detailed instructions;

  • Continuance or cessation notice. See (CDR Notice Instructions – DI 28095.000, for detailed instructions; and

  • Rationale. See CDR Rationale Content – General - DI 28090.010, for required rationale content and Special Situations - DI 28090.200.

If a paper form is completed, it must have a hand-written (wet) signature. Add the paper form into the appropriate section of the CEF. See Medical Evaluation - DI 81020.110B.1.

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