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NL 00603.010 Types of Manual Disability Notices — Title II and Title XVI

A. Introduction

The SSA computer system produces certain disability notices based on input of coded paragraph identifiers (e.g., awards, benefit rate changes). Other disability decision notices cannot be computer generated and must be manually prepared.

B. Policy

A manual or word processing notice is required for the following initial and reconsideration actions:

  • disability denials;

  • partially unfavorable allowances (i.e., closed period of disability or later onset established);

  • disability cessations (medical and nonmedical basis);

  • any other adverse decision which requires a personalized explanation.

C. Description of manual disability notices

Printed form notices are made for high-volume case situations requiring standard (identical) information.

1. Form notice

The standard information is preprinted. Variable elements such as name, address and claim number must be added. Blank spaces provide for adding inclusion of case specific information. Those notices designated “SSA-L     ,” are assigned an identification number, printed centrally and supplied to the users.

2. Exhibit/model letter

Exhibits or model letters serve as guides for preparing notices for situations that do not occur in sufficient volume to warrant preprinting and stocking as a form. They eliminate the need for fully dictated letters. Case specific information must be added. Content and basic format are devised in Central Office.

3. Dictated letter

A dictated notice is prepared by modifying language in existing letters or stock paragraphs, or by developing new language to explain a unique disability decision or situation. The notice should be in clear and simple language, as defined in SSA's Notice Standards. Dictated letters are not used if existing form/model/exhibit letters can be adapted to a situation by adding case specific paragraphs.

4. Word processor notice

A word processor notice consists of individually numbered paragraphs which are produced on word processors or personal computers. The paragraphs are stored on the database and provide for fill-ins where necessary. Dictated language may be added.

Certain paragraphs used in these notices may also be computer generated. Other manual paragraphs convey specific information which is not provided in computer generated notices.

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