TN 4 (05-95)

NL 00603.105 Releasing the Notice to the Claimant

A. Policy

All completed and dated notices should be promptly released to the claimant. See B. below for specific mailing instructions.

B. Procedure

1. General

Insert the original notice in an envelope and mail it to the claimant along with the appropriate pamphlet, if any. (Refer to NL 00603.115.)


  1. a. 

    Use ODIO's 21241 zip return address envelope for title II notices and SSA's 21235 zip return address envelope for title XVI notices.

  2. b. 

    Send notice for concurrent title II/title XVI claims in the 21241 zip return address envelope.

    NOTE: If the FO releases the notice, a FO return address envelope will be used.


Use envelope with 21241 zip code return address.

EXCEPTION: For foreign claims, use envelope with SSA's 21235 zip code return address.

4. PSC

Use envelope with PSC return address.

5. FO

Use envelope with FO return address.

6. Special PER/QA review or handling

  1. a. 

    If case is selected for Pre-Effectuation Review (PER), Quality Assurance (QA) review, or special handling, leave the notice undated.

    NOTE: The reviewing component will date and release the notice.

  2. b. 

    Fold twice and leave name and address so they will be visible when later placed in window envelope.

  3. c. 

    Clip folded notice (with two paper clips) to the front of the material on right side of the folder.

    NOTE: DDS provides only the personalized explanation when another component will be preparing the notice (special handling), e.g., disability determination only for purpose of lump-sum death payment.

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