TN 30 (03-96)

NL 00703.915 Retirement Denial — Lack of Insured Status

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A. Exhibit letter

We have considered your application for Social Security retirement benefits. You are not entitled to benefits now because you have not worked long enough under Social Security.


Why we can not pay you

To get benefits, you need to have a certain amount of work credits under Social Security. We explain how these credits are earned and how many a person needs in the enclosed pamphlet, “How You Earn Social Security Credits.”

Using the date of birth you gave us, you need (1) credits. You have only (2) credits. You should apply again if you earn the additional credits you need.


Other Social Security benefits



If you disagree with the decision



New application



If you want help with your appeal1



If you have any questions

3901C - Domestic

3901D - Foreign



SSA Pub. No. 05-10072

1 If the person lives outside the U.S. or has an attorney, omit this paragraph.

B. Requesting instructions

  • Send in notice when the claimant does not meet the required quarters of coverage for insured status for retirement benefits.

  • Use 3901E, ALS020 and 3900A in all cases. Refer to NL 00703.901 for 3901E text. Refer to NL 00703.900 for ALS020 and 3900A text and NL 00703.100 for 3100E text.

  • Refer to NL 00703.005E. for 3901D text and fill-ins.



  1. (1) 

    number of credits needed.

  2. (2) 

    number of credits earned

C. Typing instructions

Use Form SSA-L2000-C2 (Universal Notice). Refer to Form SSA-3428-U2, Determination of Disallowance Coding Sheet, “Name and Address Information” field in block 2 for

completing the name and address. Fill-ins should be shown on the SSA-3428-U2, block 4 or the attached SSA-573.

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