TN 57 (03-11)

NL 00703.965 Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) Call-In Letter


Document Identifier for Word Processor: E4007

A. Introduction to CMP call-in letter

If an individual defaults on the settlement agreement terms or does not pay the Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) imposed, we must make an additional attempt to collect the debt. Sending the CMP Call-In Letter satisfies this requirement. For details on when to send the CMP Call-In letter, see GN 02230.060I and GN 02230.060J.

NOTE: This letter is only for use in connection with CMP debts.

B. Procedure for CMP call-in letter

Use the Document Identifier E4007. On the CTFP screen, ensure you select “Y” for the “Call-In notice” fill-in (line #14).

C. Exhibit of CMP call-in letter

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NL 00703.965 - Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) Call-In Letter - 03/17/2011
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