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RM 01340.001 General — Processing Incoming Earnings Requests

A. Introduction

Using the Generalized Earnings Statement System (GESS), SSA provides an On-Request Social Security Statement (OR) to individuals who request earnings, insured status and/or benefit estimate information. These requests are processed and electronically transmitted to the National Computer Center. The data are input into "the Statement System" to produce a Form SSA-7005-SM, Social Security Statement, or an SSA-7014-A, B, D, E, or F, Social Security Summary Statement of Earnings, that is mailed to the requester or processing center.

The "Statement System" was enhanced to provide SSA-initiated Social Security Statement) to “eligible individuals” beginning in fiscal year 1995. The SIPEBES data are entered electronically into "the Statement System” by the Office of Systems.

B. Process

ORPEBES requests are received either directly in the Wilkes-Barre Data Operations Center (WBDOC) or in the Central Office mailroom.

Requests received in WBDOC are pre-addressed to P.O. Box 7004, P.O. Box 20, P.O. Box 3600 and/or P.O. Box 3700. Requests received with the mailing address of P.O. Box 57 are received in Central Office and mailed directly to WBDOC for processing.

Requests are generally received on Form SSA-7004-SM-OP1, Request for Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement, and pre-addressed to:

Social Security Administration
Wilkes Barre Data Operations Center
P. O. Box 7004
Wilkes Barre, PA 18767-7004

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