TN 7 (09-02)

RM 01340.003 Preparing Incoming Requests

A. Policy

Incoming requests must be prepared before they are released for keying.

B. Procedure

Use the procedures below upon receipt of the incoming request.

  • Open and remove each request and/or correspondence from the envelope.

  • Separate the processable SSA-7004-SM-OP1 requests from those requiring further action.

  • Correspondence may be written on the form, attached to the form or received separately.

  • Using the Disclosure and Access Requirements Procedures, review each request to determine if it is acceptable for processing.

  • If all requirements are met, sort for data entry.

  • If all requirements are not met,(e.g., incomplete or missing social security number, date of birth and/or address), and a telephone number is available, view the numident or alphadent and contact the number holder for the verification of information.

  • If a telephone number is not available, forward the original request and/or correspondence to the number holder under cover of Form SSA-L220, Social Security Request for Earnings Information (Spanish or English) (Exhibits 7 and 8). Check the appropriate box.

  • Review the correspondence received with or without Form SSA-7004.

  • Requests that are processable are assigned a batch number of 00001 through 89999.

  • Key routine requests first. Key Spanish Language (SL), English Return (RT), and/or Spanish Return (SR) specials as the last documents in a batch.

  • Place correspondence and/or requests that cannot be processed by WBDOC, but can be processed by other components, in the proper sorts at control. Control will be responsible for mailing the correspondence to the proper component, e.g., Division of Earnings Records Operations (DERO), Division of International Operations (DIO), Division of Disability Operations (DDO), Office of Public Inquiry (OPI) and/or the SSA field offices (FO).

  • The Records Processing Clerk will return to the requester correspondence and/or requests that cannot be processed.

  • Once you have completed keying all routine requests and specials, depress END, XC to close the batch.

  • Remove the “RT” and “SR” special requests from the completed batch and annotate the assigned batch number, clerk number and unit number on a 3X5 and paperclip to the special requests. Hand- carry all specials to 7004 control.

Do not remove the “SL” specials from the batch.

  • Annotate the log sheet with the number of routine requests, including all special requests.

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