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RM 01340.004 Reviewing Incoming Requests — Overview

A. Introduction

Forms SSA-7004 (all types) are the proper forms to request earnings-related information. However, some requests will be received on prior editions of these forms or in correspondence.

B. When to use

Use the procedures below when a request for earnings-related information is received in correspondence or on one of the forms previously listed.

C. Procedure

Review the requests to determine if they are acceptable for processing.

1. Current Forms SSA-7004-SM-OP1 and Correspondence

Any Form SSA-7004 printed 6/88 or later is considered a current form by the WBDOC.

  1. Review each request to determine if the following information is provided.

    • Number holder's name

    • Number holder's Social Security Number

    • Number holder's date of birth

    • Address (RM 01340.038 procedures)

    • Signature of the requester

    • Include the date the form or correspondence was signed, if the request is sent to a third party.

      (First party requests do not require a date).

  2. If all of the above information is provided, sort for data entry.

  3. If the number holder's name, SSN, and/or DOB are missing or incomplete, view the numident or alphadent record.

  4. Contact the number holder per RM 01340.042D. to obtain his/her missing name, SSN, DOB and/or address.

    Write the information you obtain from the number holder in red on the original request.

    NOTE: Do not advise the number holder whether the information he/ she provides is correct/incorrect.

  5. If a telephone number is not available and the number holder's address is missing or incomplete, mark the material for immediate destruction.

  6. If the signature for first-party requests or the signature and date for third-party requests are missing, return the original request to the number holder under cover of Form SSA-L220 (Exhibit 7). Check box 2.

  7. Continue examining the request to ensure that the access and disclosure requirements are met to enable "the Statement system" to identify the record and to provide the requester with an earnings statement. Review RM 01340.018 - RM 01340.042.

  8. If all requirements are met, sort for data entry.

  9. If all requirements are not met, and a telephone number is available, place a direct contact telephone call (DIRCON).

    If the telephone number is not provided and cannot be obtained from Directory Assistance or the DIRCON is unsuccessful, return the request to the number holder under cover of Form SSA-L220.

2. The Obsolete Forms SSA-7004-SM-OP1

The obsolete Form SSA-7004-SM-OP1 (SSA or facsimile printed) includes the postcards and any edition printed prior to 6/88.

  1. If an obsolete form is received, return the form to the number holder under cover of Form SSA-L7006 (Exhibit 9), cover letter for returning old Forms SSA-7004-SM-OP1.

  2. Enclose a blank, postage paid, Form SSA-7004-SM-OP2 (Spanish or English).

3. Mutilated/Damaged Forms or Correspondence Requests

Do not process Form SSA-7004-SM-OP1 and/or correspondence request that is damaged/mutilated.

  1. If the form and/or correspondence can be reconstructed, continue examining.

  2. If the form and/or correspondence are not reconstructible and a telephone number is available, contact the requester to obtain the necessary information and sort for data entry.

  3. If only an address is available, return the request under cover of Form SSA L-220. Check the box marked “Other”. Annotate “Original form damaged in the mail. Please complete the enclosed form.”

  4. Enclose a blank, current version of Form SSA-7004-SM-OP2, postage paid, and mail to the requester.

  5. If unable to determine the telephone number or address, mark the material for destruction.

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