TN 6 (10-99)

RM 01340.029 Examining the SSN Holder's Name

A. Introduction

The requester must provide the number holder's name.

B. Policy

A request is not acceptable for processing if the number holder's name is not shown anywhere on the Form SSA-7004-SM-OP1 or correspondence.

A complete name generally consists of a given name (first), a middle initial, and a surname (last). However, a complete name is not always needed to process the request since GESS can electronically identify and verify the record based on the surname, provided the date of birth and SSN agree.

C. When to use

Use this procedure when examining the number holder's name as provided on the Form SSA-7004-SM-OP1. Also apply these guidelines when examining incoming correspondence requests.

D. Procedure

Examine the request and make a determination if the number holder's name is provided. Take the following action:

  • Determine if the number holder's name is provided anywhere on the form, e.g., in the address portion of the form and/or the signature line. If the number holder's name is shown, continue processing per RM 01340.030.

  • If a determination cannot be made, return the request under cover of Form SSA-L220. Check box 3.

  • Place a red checkmark next to the name in Item 1 on the original request.

  • Enclose the original Form SSA-7004-SM-OP1 in the envelope with Form SSA-L220.

  • If the request is not on Form SSA-7004-SM-OP1, view the numident record using the SSN provided to determine if the number holder's name agrees with the signature name.

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