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RM 01340.038 Examining the Address

A. Introduction

The requester must provide the address where the statement is to be sent.

B. Policy

A request is not acceptable for processing if it does not include the address where the PEBES is to be sent. In addition, if the request contains a pre-printed address, consider this a third-party request as long as all processing requirements are met. The PEBES will be addressed to the number holder, C/O the company, organization or third-party requester. If the address and the mailing name are the same as line 1 or the signature line, consider this a first-party request.

C. How to use

Use this procedure when examining the address where the statement is to be sent.

D. Procedure

Examine the Form SSA-7004-SM-OP1 or correspondence request to determine if a good address is provided.

1. Good Address

A good address contains a street, P.O. box number, or Rural Route number, and city, state and ZIP code; or city and state (for small towns).

If two addresses are provided and all processing requirements are met, process the request twice.

  1. If a good address is provided, continue processing per RM 01340.038.

    If an address is not provided on the form, do not cut the return address from the envelope and tape onto the form. Write the address in red on the form.

  2. If a good address is not provided and a telephone number is available, contact the requester using direct contact procedures per RM 01340.042. Write the address in red on the request.

  3. If the address is incomplete, illegible or missing and a telephone number is not available, review the FACT (FULL MBR) query for an address. Mark the material for immediate destruction, if a FACT query is not available.

2. Pre-printed Addresses

An address is pre-printed if it is copied onto or affixed to the request and is the address where the statement is to be sent.

The following are pre-printed addresses:

  1. An address stamped onto the request.

  2. An address label or sticker affixed to the request.

  3. The printed or photocopied name and address of a person, company, club, agency, organization, etc.

3. Foreign Address

American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Island, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are possessions of the United States, have U.S. Postal Service ZIP Codes, and are not considered foreign countries. Also, for purposes of mailing, Canada and Mexico are not considered foreign countries. Therefore, process as routine requests.

For addresses in a country outside the United States, process as a routine request. Special handling is not required. The contractor will mail the PEBES to all foreign countries.

When preparing outgoing mail within WBDOC and the mailing address is for a foreign country, place an airmail sticker (Par Avion) on the face of the envelope. Place the envelope in the tray located at control.

CAUTION: If the country is Cambodia or Portuguese Timor, mark the request for immediate destruction.

4. Third-Party or C/O Address

Honor all third-party or C/O addresses that are properly signed by the requester. Assume the requester chose the address where he/she wants the information to be sent as long as the number holder's name is generated on line one of the mailing address followed by C/O the name, organization, etc.

5. Altered Address

An address is altered if the following apply:

  1. There is an alteration in the name appearing in the address portion of the request.

  2. A label or sticker bearing an address is placed over the address originally shown on the request.

  3. The original address is lined through and a different address is entered over the original address.

CAUTION: Do not consider the address altered if the address is in the same handwriting and appears to be a correction.

6. Examining the Request

  1. Determine if the address is altered. If the address is not altered, continue processing per RM 01340.039.

  2. If the address is altered, forward the Form SSA-7004-SM-OP1 and/or correspondence to the servicing field office under cover of Form SSA-984. Check box B.5.

7. Certified Mail, PS-3811 (Green Card)

If certified mail green cards addressed to SSA or WBDOC are found attached to the mail while processing DOC workloads, apply the following procedure before returning the certified card to the mailroom for forwarding.

If the certified mail piece contains the DOC workload address, remove the green card from the envelope and complete the following items on the green card:

a. Article Number

If the article number block is blank, complete it with the number that appears on the Certified Mail sticker attached to the front of the envelope. The number is a nine-digit number preceded by an alpha character.

b. Received by

Annotate "SSA/WBDOC in the "Received by'

c. Date of Delivery

Transcribe the date shown on the log sheet or

batch transmittal into the "Date of Delivery" block. The date must include the month, day and year. DO NOT use the date the work is

being processed.

Additionally, if the sender's address is not shown on the front of the green card, legibly transcribe the name and the return address exactly as it appears on the envelope into the "Sender" box.

After completing the green card, take it to the control area. Control will forward the cards to the mailroom for forwarding to the post office.

If the certified mail green cards are not addressed to SSA or WBDOC classify the mail piece as misdelivered and return the mail with the green card attached to the mailroom for return to the post office.

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