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RM 01351.013 Inquiries Concerning Earnings Statement Program or Policy

A. List of Topics

Requests may be received with correspondence concerning the following topics. Most of the topics are addresses on Form SSA-7005-SM.

  • FICA or SECA taxes

  • other retirement systems (except private pension funds)

  • CSRS offset information

  • military wages

  • railroad earnings

  • self-employment income

  • maximum earnings

  • covered or non-covered employment

  • insured status or QC requirements

  • refunds for contributions paid over the maximum

  • “voluntary” contributions

  • earnings prior to 1937

  • lag earnings and/or Windfall

  • confidentiality of social security records

  • the earnings statement program, policy or the provisions of the Social Security Act

B. Procedure

Take the following action:

  • If Form SSA-7004-SM-OP1 is received and the topic is addressed on Form SSA-7005-SM, a dictated response is not required. Sort for data entry.

  • If Form SSA-7004-SM-OP1 and/or correspondence is received and the number holder indicates they are a federal employee and would like to know what their CSRS offset will be, do not process the SSA-7004 request. Prepare Form SSA-2543 and forward to DERO (RM 01351.050). Check box 8 “OTHER” and annotate “CSRS information requested”.

  • If an earnings request is not received and the topic is addressed in a publication, forward the publication to the requester. Include the Correspondence Transmittal.

  • If correspondence is received with or without Form SSA-7004-SM-OP1 and the topic is not addressed in a publication, or if a more detailed response is required, forward to DERO under cover of Form SSA-2543. Check box 2.

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