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RM 01362.007 Exception Processing

The information in this section is not applicable while mailing of the Social Security Statement is suspended. See information on accessing earnings information using the MySocialSecurity web portal in OA 00205.010.

A. Policy

The Tax Reform Act of 1976 (TRA) generally prohibits disclosure of tax return information (e.g., Earnings information) without consent of the individual to whom the record pertains. This prohibition continues even after death of the individual. Requests for statements of earnings from the records of individuals for whom the Master Earnings File (MEF) indicates, are deceased must be forwarded to the servicing field office (FO) to determine if disclosure is authorized in accordance with the TRA.

B. Process

1. E03 Exception

When the system receives an ORPEBES record and the MEF indicates that the SSN holder to whom The earnings pertain is deceased, the record deletes from the system and generates an exception Form SSA-7014. Message will appear “MEF INDICATES NUMBER HOLDER IS DECEASED-SEND THIS REQUEST TO DO code-city-state. Forward the request to the servicing field office to determine, if disclosure of information from the SSN Holder's record is authorized.

2. E98 Alert Initial Input Not Processed, Resubmit Request

When an ORPEBES request is received by the system with invalid input data, generate The message “INITIAL INPUT NOT PROCESSED, RESUBMIT REQUEST”

The exception form is generated to the requesting keying facility to enable that office to locate and rekey the request.

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