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RM 02007.007 How to Process Forms 6494

A. Introduction

The action taken will depend upon the Correction Code used.

Before you can make a decision about processing the form, you need to know what the code conditions are and what each of them means. A brief explanation of each code is printed in part C of the form.

Use this procedure to process Forms 6494.

B. Procedure - Code 1

Step Action


Review “Remark” block; is reason for cancellation:

  • Individual reported self-employment?

  • Employed by a covered State and Local entity?

  • Exact duplicate of previously reported amount?

    • If no, return the form to IRS via Form SSA-4372: check block 1, line through 2nd sentence and add “remark not acceptable” or similar.

    • If yes, prepare Form SSA-4132 per RM 02006.000 ff.


Create a DECS record.

C. Procedure - Code 2

Step Action


Scout the Report - Employer List (REL); does the Employer Identification Number (EIN) already appear for the correct year?

  • If no, see step 2.

  • If yes, see step 3.


Prepare Form SSA-4132 to correct period.


Secure microfilms of each report shown and compare them.

  • If exact duplicates, see Code 1, Step 1, above regarding preparation of SSA-4132.

  • If not, see Code 3, Step 2, below.

D. Procedure - Code 3

Step Action


Scout the REL under the correct EIN; is an entry found?

  • If no, go to step 2, below.

  • If yes, go to step 3, below.


Prepare and process Form SSA-7023 per RM 02263.001.


Scout the REL under the incorrect EIN; is there an entry?

  • If no, annotate the 6494 “NR” and forward to OPR.

  • If yes, secure microfilms and see Step 4, below.


Compare microfilmed data for both reports

  • If same employer, see code 2 Step 3, above

  • If different employers, verify EINS and make any necessary corrections.

E. Procedure - Code 4

Review reason for cancellation; is the reason given:

  • self employed individual?

  • minor child?

  • one person on all three W-2 forms on the page?

  • “Void” or “Intermediate” forms processed?

    • If yes, prepare Form SSA-4130.

    • If no, return form to IRS via Form SSA-4372; check block 1.

F. Procedure - Code 5

Step Action


For entire reports, scout the REL for “B” or “G” in the amended indicator column

  • If no, prepare SSA-4561 and forward for processing; see step 3, below

  • If yes, refer all materials to OPR


For individual forms W-2, scout earnings records

  • If both forms were actually processed as originals prepare Form SSA-4130 to cancel first original.

  • If one form was actually processed as a corrected W-2, destroy the Form 6494.


For initial transmittals of corrected forms W-2, cover with Form SSA-4561 marked “Corrected” and forward.

  • Enter EIN and verified “total” on Form SSA-4561.

  • Enter “6494” in Special Remarks box and destroy 6494

G. Procedure - Code 6

Review form for explanation; is specific and verifiable reason given?

  • If no, return to IRS via SSA-4372. - Check box 6 and show, “explanation not in support of code” , or similar.

  • If yes, scout all SSA records and make corrections.

H. Procedure - Code 7

Step Action


Scout the REL; have both reports been processed?

  • If yes, proceed.

  • If no, prepare SSA-4327 to notify IRS a report is needed.

Check box 6 and show “supplemental (or initial) report not received” or similar.


Were reports processed as “original” and “Corrected” ?

  • If yes, proceed.

  • If no, destroy Form 6494.


Secure microfilm of processed reports


Were all original amounts corrected?

  • If no, prepare Form SSA-4130 for each item that was corrected.

  • If yes, use Form SSA-4132 to reprocess entire report.


For initial transmittals of supplemental forms W-2, cover with Form SSA-4561 and forward for processing; see code 5, step 3, above.

I. Procedure - Code 8

Step Action


Scout the REL -has a report been processed?

  • If yes, destroy Form SSA-6494.

  • If no, forward reports via SSA-4561 for processing; see code 5, step 3 above.


Secure microfilm and compare data - is the recent submittal a supplement (i.e. different individuals)?

  • If yes, forward reports via SSA-4561 for processing.

  • If no, refer materials to OPR.

J. Procedure - Code 9

Step Action


Examine forms W-2; is an amount shown in FICA Tips block?

  • If no,return materials to IRS via Form SSA-4372; check box 2.


Where “Corrected” forms W-2 are being submitted, process under cover of Form SSA-4561; see code 5 step 3 above.


Where microprints are submitted

  • Prepare Forms SSA-4130 for individuals.

  • Prepare Form SSA-4132 if all reports are affected.

    • Line through the FICA wage Amount and write, “key as wages” above the FICA Tip Amount


Create a DECS record when Forms SSA-4132 or SSA-4130 are prepared.

K. References

How to Use Form SSA-7023, RM 02263.001

Processing to DECS, OCRO memorandum dated August 22, 1988

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