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RM 02019.004 Prepare Microprints of Employer Reports

A. Obtain Employer Report Query (ERQY)

  1. 1. 

    SSA Main Menu -select 09 (Master File Query)

  2. 2. 

    Master File Query Menu - Field Office space

    • over key OCR shown

    • unit space

    • enter your first name or surname

    • tab to Select Function

    • select 16 MISM (Miscellaneous Menu)

  3. 3. 

    Miscellaneous Menu - select 14 (ERQY)

    • enter 3 for printer in Route Response

    • enter EIN number, individual year(s) or range of years (show last two digits of the year) and press ENTER key - automatically prints ERQY

B. Description of the Earnings Control Number (ECN) or Microfilm Reference Number (MRN) field

The ECN is a sequential number assigned by the system for control purposes. This eleven (11) character field contains the microfilm reference, camera and sequence numbers:

  • 1st Position - last digit of Microfilm Reference the current tax year being processed

  • 2nd – 4th Positions (Julian Date) - date of microfilming (for paper reports) and date of processing and completion (for magnetic media reports)

  • 5th – 6th Positions - camera number for a report that identifies OCO or the

DOC which received and microfilmed the report

  • 7th – 11th Positions - sequence number assigned (in ascending order) from 00001 to 99999, which is related to frames of microfilm where the specific report is located

C. Examples of 11 digit ECN

Wage Report: MRN 8001160001

  • 8 = current tax year available for processing

  • 001= Julian date

  • 6 = camera number

  • 0001 = sequence number

Adjustment Report: MRN14007000001

  • 1= processing year

  • 400 = block number

  • 70 = unit number

  • 00001 = sequence number

D. Description of Types of Microfilm

  1. 1. 

    Report Card List (RCL) - Report Years – contains quarterly information (See RM 02021.005)

  2. 2. 

    Report Employer List (REL) - Report Years – contains annual and some quarterly information (See RM 02021.005)

  3. 3. 

    Annual Wage Report (AWR) - Report Years 1978 to date – contains employee’s annual earnings (W-2) and employer summary totals (W-3) submitted on paper reports

  4. 4. 

    Employer Annual Magnetic/Tape (EAMATE) - contains employee’s annual earnings (W-2) and employer summary totals (W-3)

    • Report years - submitted on magnetic media, tapes or diskettes

    • Report years – 2002 to 2005 available through EAMATE ONLINE

    • Report years – 2006 to present available on the Online Retrieval System

There is a limitation of processing request that involves 750 W-2s or more microfilm prints. This limitation does not apply if the request is for EAMATE ECN reports for tax year 2002 to present (available through online applications):


If the request is EAMATE ECN report prior to 2002 and more than 750 W-2s, forward the request to the Division of Earnings and Business Services (DEBS) Division office.

E. How to retrieve microprints

  • Move request on MICES to Desk number (#)

  • Pull microfilm according to Electronic Control Number (ECN) or Microfilm Reference Number (MRN) to locate the employer shown on ERQY

    NOTE: Annotate Form SSA-6629 Unable to Locate (UTL) on requests which a report can not be located from data furnished or there is a Lag year involved

  • Duplicate microprints of wage report

  • All pages may be provided for certification cases (two to three inch top margin is necessary for certification seals)

  • Review completed microprints to ensure information is legible

  • Place request and microprints inside file folder

  • Update MICES

  • Forward requests to DEBS module

NOTE: Do not duplicate and/or release to the employer internal forms (i.e. Form 4561 “Dummy W3” and SSA 2609 “IRS/SSA Reconciliation Interoffice Itemized Annual Report”).

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