RM 02032.000 Duplicate Alert Earnings Investigation

Subchapter Table of Contents
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RM 02032.001Duplicate Earnings Alerts in OEOTN 1 03-13
RM 02032.005Receipt and Control of the Duplicate Earnings Alerts in OEIOTN 1 03-13
RM 02032.010Accessing the APDA Application in OEOTN 1 03-13
RM 02032.015Overview of the OEIO Earnings Alerts ProcessTN 1 03-13
RM 02032.020Apparent Alerts Processing ProcedureTN 1 03-13
RM 02032.025Processing Possible Duplicate (PD) AlertsTN 1 03-13
RM 02032.035Scouting ResourcesTN 1 03-13
RM 02032.040Removing the Possible Duplicate (PD) Indicator via Falcon67TN 1 03-13
RM 02032.045Description of the W-2c AlertsBASIC 03-12
RM 02032.050W-2c Alerts Control ProcessBASIC 03-12
RM 02032.055Procedure for Processing the W-2c AlertsBASIC 03-12
RM 02032.060Process for W-2c Alert Code 1BASIC 03-12
RM 02032.062Process for W-2C Alert Code 2BASIC 03-12
RM 02032.064Process for W-2c Alert Code 3BASIC 03-12
RM 02032.066Process for W-2c Alert Code 4BASIC 03-12
RM 02032.068Process for W-2c Alert Code 5 (Non-covered Earnings)BASIC 03-12
RM 02032.070Process for W-2c Alert Code 6BASIC 03-12
RM 02032.072Process for W-2c Alert Code 7 (Prior to 1990) (Medicare Qualified Government Employment (MQGE) Involved)BASIC 03-12
RM 02032.075Direct Contact (DIRCON) Process in the Division of Earnings and Business Services (DEBS)BASIC 03-12
RM 02032.080Exhibits for the W-2C Alerts WorkloadBASIC 03-12

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