TN 1 (03-13)

RM 02032.040 Removing the Possible Duplicate (PD) Indicator via Falcon67

IMPORTANT: When there is no corrective action required, the technician must manually remove the PD indicator via the Falcon system. This action clears the PD indictor from the Detailed Earnings Query Response (DEQR) Remarks section.

A. Logging into the Falcon system

1. SSA main menu

Fill in the “Select the Desired function”:

Type “Falcon67” and press Enter.

2. FALCON logon screen

The cursor will be positioned at User ID:

  1. Type your PCOM PIN number and press TAB.

  2. Type your PCOM password and press Enter twice.

NOTE: Ensure that your FALCON password matches your PCOM password.

An interim screen shows the last time you used FALCON. (Do NOT press enter from this screen. The system automatically takes you to the Data Entry screen).

B. Creating a batch


This screen enables you to select your function; Press F1 (PF1 CREATE A NEW BATCH).


Tab down to DCC (DCC WORKLOADS), press ENTER key, and another APPLICATION Main Menu appears with a different selection.

Tab down to PD (REMOVAL OF PD INDICATORS) and press ENTER key


The DATA ENTRY screen appears with an alert to replace the question marks (????) in the MASK/NEW NAME field with your assigned Operator Identification Number (OPID).

  1. Fill-in the OPID (NOTE: use two-digit Unit Number and last two-digits of your assigned cubicle number, e.g., Unit 12 and cubicle 101 would use OPID 1201).

  2. Press ENTER to go to the Possible Duplicates screen.

C. Completing the POSSIBLE DUPLICATES screen(s) with the appropriate data:

  1. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER – enter 9-digit field.

  2. SURNAME – enter up to six alpha characters. Press TAB if the surname is fewer than six (6) positions, e.g., S m i t h TAB.

  3. INITIALS – enter the first name initial and middle name initial. If only one initial appears, key the first initial and press TAB.

  4. YEAR – enter the year in the YY format (the year must be 1978 or later).

  5. ENTRY CODE – E propagates into this field by the system.

  6. RECHECK CODE – leave blank for regular earnings or enter “M” if MQGE wages are involved.


    • If multiple years are NOT involved, leave blank and press, “ENTER”.

    • If multiple years are involved, then complete the field with a “Y” and press ENTER. Another POSSIBLE DUPLICATES screen will appear with propagated data, enter the next YEAR and RECHECK CODE and then press ENTER; continue the process until you key all of the multiple years.

    • Press ENTER to receive a blank POSSIBLE DUPLICATES screen to input additional SSN(s) in the batch. After entering all the SSNs for your batch, press the page-down key to go to the Data Header screen to save the batch.

D. Viewing the batch

You must press F5 (PF3 View Batch) to view the batch.

The system displays the data entered (SSN, Surname, Initials, Year, Entry code, and Sequence number).

E. Saving and verifying the batch

  1. Press F3 (PF3 Save Batch).

    IMPORTANT: If you do not save your batches properly, they drop into the FALCON system edit queue as stranded batches. If you do not exit the FALCON system properly after saving your batch, “Lock-Out” of the FALCON system could occur.

    NOTE: The system displays the DATA ENTRY screen and printed across the bottom of the screen will be your member name and a phrase indicating you have saved the batch.

  2. Type your member name at the “application/batch” field.


    The system will display the DATA HEADER screen.

  3. Press F2 (PF2 PROCEED) – The system will display the POSSIBLE DUPLICATES screen and ALL RECORDS HAVE BEEN VERIFIED” message will be printed at the bottom of the screen.

    Press the page-down key (PAGE DOWN) – The system will display the DATA HEADER screen.

  4. Press F3 (PF3 SAVE BATCH) to go to the DATA ENTRY screen.

    NOTE: Your member name and a phrase indicating you saved the batch will be printed across the bottom of the screen.

  5. Press F7 (PF7 DISPLAY LIBRARY DIRECTORY STATUS) – The system will display the DATA LIBRARY STATUS screen.

  6. Type your member name in the NUMBER NAME MASK field (PD + OPID) and press F2. The system will display the ONLINE DATA ENTRY screen. If you saved and verified the batch correctly, the STAT column will display VER. If no