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RM 02032.050 W-2c Alerts Control Process

A. Receive and sort

The Division of Earnings and Business Services (DEBS) Control Area technician retrieves the W-2c alerts from the Electronic Image Report Viewer. DEBS technicians print and then sort the listings from the reports according to the specific alert code.

B. Batch and assign

The Control Area technician will batch and control the W-2c(s) in the Electronic Control Workload System (ECWS). Each batch entered consists of a specific alert code for multiple Employer Identification Numbers (EINs). If a listing has multiple alert codes for the same EIN, the control area batches it as “W-2c Alerts-Mixed”.

The technician attaches an ECWS screen printout to the front of each batch. This printout identifies the EIN, Social Security number (SSN) count, alert code, an automated batch number, and the “assigned to” field (See Exhibit in RM 02032.080A, ECWS Control Sheet). The technician then manually transfers the automated batch number to the control log sheet.

The Earnings Specialist (ES) verifies the number of items and EIN for each batch that he or she retrieved, then manually annotates the control log sheet with his or her name, unit number, and the current date.

The Control Area technician assigns each batch in ECWS to an Earnings Specialist (ES).

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