RM 02212.000 Offsets

Subchapter Table of Contents
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RM 02212.001GeneralBASIC 11-81
RM 02212.002Prepare Form SSA-6598, Offset Of Form SSA-7010 AdjustmentBASIC 11-81
RM 02212.003Evidence Earnings Item ListingBASIC 11-81
RM 02212.004Receive And Control Evidence Earnings Items Listing (DEO-ERB) 5960BASIC 11-81
RM 02212.005Analyze Postings As Shown On The Evidence Earnings Items Listing And Determine Necessary Offsets (DEO-ERB) 5955BASIC 11-81
RM 02212.006Determining Proper Adjustment Of Evidence Posting — Regular Wage Item Located (DEO-ERB) 5955BASIC 11-81
RM 02212.007Exceptions Which Affect Offsets (DEO-ERB) 5955BASIC 11-81

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