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RM 02212.005 Analyze Postings As Shown On The Evidence Earnings Items Listing And Determine Necessary Offsets (DEO-ERB) 5955

  1. A. 

    The Evidence Earnings Items Listing contains, in social security number order, those records for which a regular earnings item matched an evidence item either exactly or partially. Refer to RM 02212.003 for a description of the columnar arrangement.

  2. B. 

    Analyze the data shown for each individual SSN and determine what offsets should be prepared. Prepare Form SSA-6598, Offset of Form SSA-7010-U5 Adjustments, in accordance with the instructions in RM 02212.002. Do not make any adjustments for those items where the listing has been annotated to show the action taken by the scout during routine scouting processes.

  3. C. 

    Utilize the information displayed on the listing to prepare offsets for items that match exactly. Offset the evidence earnings items. Reference to the individual earnings records is not necessary for items that match exactly. Enter “Exact match listing case” in “Remarks” on the form SSA-6598.

  4. D. 

    Handle the partially matching items in accordance with the following instructions.

    1. 1. 

      The total of the quarterly evidence amounts established under one EIN for the year equals the total of the amounts reported for the same period of time under the same EIN.—Offset the evidence amounts.

    2. 2. 

      The evidence amounts differ from the reported amounts.

      1. a. 

        Refer to the microfilmed earnings record (1086 Listing) and the Earnings Reference File (ERF printout) for the SSN shown on the listing. Reference to the 1086 Listing is not necessary if all periods are subsequent to 1977. If a multiple SSN indication is shown, use standard branch procedure to ascertain the multiple SSN(s). Obtain the earnings information for the multiple SSN(s).

      2. b. 

        Check the earnings record for the related year and transcribe the following information if not furnished electronically.

        1. 1. 

          Amount of wages

        2. 2. 

          Entry code

        3. 3. 

          Master block, unit and sequence

        4. 4. 

          Establishment Number

        5. 5. 

          Posting cycle (For each “CA” item, show the first PC in which the item appeared on the earnings record.)

        6. 6. 

          EIN (Identify the EIN)

      3. c. 

        Refer to the microfilmed record of the form SSA-7010-U5. If necessary, transcribe the information from the form.

      4. d. 

        Further analyze the reported amounts and the evidence amounts and determine what offsets are necessary in accordance with the instructions in RM 02212.006.

  5. E. 

    Forward the completed forms SSA-6598 for processing per RM 02250ff.

  6. F. 

    Retain the listing for reference purposes. Dispose of the listing after a sufficient period of time has elapsed to ensure that the form SSA-6598 adjustments are posted to the earnings record.

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RM 02212.005 - Analyze Postings As Shown On The Evidence Earnings Items Listing And Determine Necessary Offsets (DEO-ERB) 5955 - 12/20/1989
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