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RM 02226.005 Revised Earnings Adjustment Process (REAP) in the Office of Earnings Operations (OEO)

A. Introduction of REAP

REAP consolidates all previous processes for correcting earnings items. It allows for the processing of quarterly and annual earnings items under the same report and used to correct internal errors on earnings records that are located in the Suspense file.

B. Description of processes

The following is a description of the adjustment processes currently used in the Office of Central Operations (OCO).

1. Electronic correction processes

a. Item correction (ICOR) adjustment process

ICOR is the earnings system that enables Field Office (FO), Program Service Center (PSC), Teleservice Center (TSC) and the Office of Earnings Operations (OEO) personnel to correct an individual number holder’s (NH) Master Earnings File (MEF) record. To understand how it works to correct an earnings detail(s), see MSOM EM 019.002.

b. Report correction (RCOR) process

RCOR is an automated system that enables OEO personnel to process employer adjustment to the Master Earnings File (MEF) and the Suspense File for tax years 1978 and later. To understand how RCOR works to correct an employer (entire or partial) report, see MSOM EM 033.001.

When the electronic correction tools, ICOR and RCOR, does not allow an adjustment to an individual or employer record, OEO personnel can use the REAP Forms SSA-4130 (Interoffice Itemized Adjustments) or SSA-4132 (Interoffice Blanket Adjustments) to make the adjustment. The adjustments post to the Earnings Suspense File (ESF) or the MEF. OEO cannot use REAP adjustments to adjust self-employment or to reinstate a suspense item.

2. Revised earnings adjustment process

a. Form SSA-4130

Form SSA-4130 enables OEO personnel to correct wages, tips or Medicare amounts previously reported on a Form W-2. This form corrects earnings records on an individual basis. It may adjust one or more individual earnings items.

b. Form SSA-4132

Form SSA-4132 enables OEO personnel to correct earnings records on an employer basis. This form adjusts an entire report or portion of a report.

After the Division of Business Services (DBS) prepares the adjustment forms, they will forward these forms to the Wilkes-Barre Direct Operations Center (WBDOC) on a flow basis for processing.

C. Graphic of Form SSA-4130

To view this form, go to SSA-4130.

D. Graphic of Form SSA-4132

To view this form, go to SSA-4132.

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