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RM 02226.020 How to Order Microfilm When Required

A. Background for ordering microfilm

When Division of Business Services (DBS) technicians are unable to locate microfilm to assist in making earnings determinations and have searched all online film repositories (i.e., Online Retrieval System (ORS), Earnings Annual Microfilm Annual Tape Employers (Online EAMATE)), the technician must complete a request to order film.

B. Process for ordering microfilm

DBS orders the microfilm from the Security Record Branch (SRB) located in Boyers, PA.

C. Procedure for ordering microfilm

DBS will take the following steps when ordering microfilm:




  • Access DBS’ SharePoint site;

  • Click on the Shared Documents link;

  • Select the DBS Notices folder;

  • Select the REAP folder;

  • Select the Unable to Locate (UTL) Film Referral Sheet; and

  • Prepare the UTL Film Referral Sheet with the technician’s name, unit and date. To view facsimile of the referral sheet, see RM 02226.020D.


Include the following information:

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN);

  • Type of Film (AWR or EAMATE);

  • Tax Year;

  • Microfilm Reference Number (MRN) or Earnings Control Number (ECN);

  • Dates of each attempt.

RULE: DBS should only complete the UTL Film Referral Sheet after three unsuccessful attempts to locate microfilm in the Film Library.


Forward a copy of the referral sheet to the Earnings Operations Expert (EOE). The EOE will provide the information to the Management Support Specialist (MSS).


MSS will submit the request to SRB via the Earnings Control Workload System (ECWS).


DBS will retain a copy of the request until they receive the microfilm.


SRB will send the microfilm to the Division of Earnings Records Operations (DERO).


The DERO’s analyst staff will notify DBS when they receive the requested microfilm.

D. Graphic of the UTL Film Referral Sheet

Image - Unable to Locate Film Referral Sheet

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