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RM 02236.005 Handling Potential Blanket Adjustment Referral in OEO

The Office of Earnings Operations (OEO) is responsible for maintaining accurate and complete earnings records.

A. Introduction to potential blanket adjustment workload

When the number holder (NH) notifies the Social Security Administration (SSA), that there is a discrepancy on his or her earnings record, the Division of Earnings Record Operations (DERO) investigates the earnings discrepancy. A discrepancy can:

  • be missing wages for NH,

  • an incorrect Employer Identification Number (EIN), or

  • two different EINs with duplicate wages, etc.

These discrepancies may result from:

  • employer errors,

  • SSA keying, or

  • processing errors.

B. Policy for handling the potential blanket adjustment workload

When investigating the discrepancy, if DERO determines that other employees for the same employer have possible inaccuracies posted to their earnings’ record and:

  • the wage report involves five employees or less, DERO will correct each individual’s earnings record via Item Correction (ICOR); or

  • the wage report involves more than five employees, DERO will only make an adjustment per current procedure to the earnings record of the NH of the inquiry received and then refer the case to the Division of Business Services (DBS),

DERO prepares a Potential Blanket Adjustment (PBA) to notify DBS that the wage report requires a blanket adjustment.

The Center for Information Technology established a referral process in the Earnings Control Workload System (ECWS) for the blanket adjustment referrals.

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