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RM 02263.001 How to Use Form SSA-7023 to Cross-Refer Employer Reports

A. Glossary of Terms

BDTSBatch Data Transmission System
COR EINCorrect Employer Identification Number
ERARIAEmployer Report Annual Report Items Added
INC EINIncorrect Employer Identification Number
MBMaster Block
MRNMicrofilm Reference Number
NCCNational Computer Center
RCLReport Card List
RELReport Employer List
RTSReturn to Stock
TYTax Year

B. Exhibit


Form SSA-7023

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C. Procedure

Prepare a form SSA-7023 whenever the report in question cannot be located and you determine that the report is on film (RCL, REL) under an EIN not assigned to your employer.

NOTE:Do not prepare a form SSA-7023 unless the procedure you are following tells you to do so.

This chart:

  • identifies each field and,

  • tells how to complete each field.

KEY:The Field Number is the number of the field in the exhibit above.

Field#Field NameComplete by writing...
 1Incorrect EINthe nine-digit EIN that the report was incorrectly processed under.
 2Correct EINthe nine-digit EIN that the report should have been processed under.
  NOTE:If the correct EIN is an inactive IRD, convert the EIN as follows:
  Inactive IRD-change to-Active IRD
    12          13
    32          34
    33          31
  Also, change the first digit of the employer serial number from 0 (inactive) to 4 (active). For IRD 12 (only) change it from 1 (inactive) to 5 (active). See samples below:
  FROM        TO
  12-0158701    13-4158701
  12-1158701    13-5158701
  32-0158701    34-4158701
  33-0158701    31-4158701
3Periodthe last two digits of the tax year. Show 03, 06, 09 or 12 for quarterly reports (March, June, September or December).
4MRNthe eleven-digit MRN.
  NOTE:For quarterly reports show the four-digit MB and the two-digit unit number.
5Clerk Numberyour clerk number.
6Branchthe abbreviation of your branch.
7Datethe date you completed the form.

After completing and reviewing the form, send it to:

  • Data Processing Branch
    3-G-17 NB Metro West

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