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RM 02270.001 Receive Employer Report Inquiries

A. Procedure-Inquiry Received

NOTE: Always obtain information needed to complete Part I of form SSA-4048. See RM 02270.005.



Inquiry from Congress or controlled correspondence?

If yes,

  • give these cases priority handling by starting investigation immediately. See RM 02270.025.

  • place a red special sticker on case folder.

  • provide inquirer with your name/phone number.

  • provide Division Analyst with name of clerk assigned to case and receive case due date from analyst. Assure adherence to assigned due date.

  • make periodic phone calls to Division Analyst Staff on current case status.

  • make Regional Office (R/O) contact.

  • go to step 7.

If no, go to step 2.


Inquiry from employer by telephone?

If yes,

  • provide inquirer with your name/phone number.

  • request a letter of authorization on company stationery from company executive or payroll liaison, authorizing SSA to release the requested information.

  • provide OCRO's telefaxing phone number when appropriate.

  • go to step 7.

Inquiry from employer by correspondence?

If yes,

  • date stamp correspondence.

  • make telephone contact with employer to acknowledge receipt and provide name/phone number of Contact Specialist assigned to inquiry.

  • go to step 7.

If no, go to step 3.


Inquiry from Integrity Staff?

If yes,

  • check for name on OCRO authorization list before accepting case.

  • if inquirer isauthorized, provide your name/phone number.

  • if inquirer notauthorized, explain why you cannot start investigation.

If no, go to step 4.


Inquiry from analyst's office?

If yes,

  • keep them informed by periodic contacts.

  • go to step 7.

If no, go to step 5.


Inquiry from an R/O?

If yes,

  • ensure that R/O contact is authorized to make inquiry. Check R/O telephone directory and/or call someone else in R/O to verify.

  • provide R/O with periodic status calls.

  • go to step 7.

If no, go to step 6.


Inquiry from OPR?

If yes,

  • check OPR authorization list. If authorized, provide your name/phone number.

  • go to step 7.

  • if notauthorized, tell inquirer that you cannot provide requested information. STOP.

If no, tell inquirer that you can only provide information to authorized personnel.

NOTE: Recently field offices have been receiving bogus phone calls regarding employer report information. If you should get any suspicious calls:

  • do notprovide information

  • document calls

  • try to obtain identifying information

  • call servicing R/O

  • alert management.


Following instructions pertain to all inquiries.

  • Prepare a case folder. Annotate employer's name, EIN and periods in question on outside of folder.

  • Prepare Wage Report Status Sheet.

  • Enter sensitive indicator into DECS.

  • Prepare form SSA-4049. See RM 02270.015.

  • Contact servicing R/O.

  • Begin investigation. See RM 02270.025.

  • Contact inquirer for additional information and/or notification of resolution. STOP.

B. Glossary

ADJ Adjustment
CATER Control and Track Employer Reports
DECS Discrepant Employer Control System
DEEA Division of Earnings, Eligibility and Accountability
DEQY Detailed Earnings Query
DOC Data Operations Center
EARED Employer Annual Report Earnings Data
EE's Employees
EIN Employer Identification Number
EPB Earnings Processing Branch
ER's Employers
ERIS Employer Records Inquiries Section
FICA Federal Insurance Contributions Act
JV'D Journal Voucher
LAAD List of Annual Adjustment Discrepancies
MRN Microfilm Reference Number
NEG RESP Negative Response
OCRO Office of Central Records Operations
OPR Office of Pre-Claims Requirements
PETAL Process of Employer Tape Annual Listing
REIN Reinstate
REL Report Employer List
RESUB REQ Resubmittal Requested
RPT Report
SEL Sensitive Employer List
TLCN Tape Library Control Number

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