TN 7 (07-89)

RM 02270.001 Receive Employer Report Inquiries

A. Procedure-Inquiry Received

NOTE: Always obtain information needed to complete Part I of form SSA-4048. See RM 02270.005.



Inquiry from Congress or controlled correspondence?

If yes,

  • give these cases priority handling by starting investigation immediately. See RM 02270.025.

  • place a red special sticker on case folder.

  • provide inquirer with your name/phone number.

  • provide Division Analyst with name of clerk assigned to case and receive case due date from analyst. Assure adherence to assigned due date.

  • make periodic phone calls to Division Analyst Staff on current case status.

  • make Regional Office (R/O) contact.

  • go to step 7.

If no, go to step 2.


Inquiry from employer by telephone?

If yes,

  • provide inquirer with your name/phone number.

  • request a letter of authorization on company stationery from company executive or payroll liaison, authorizing SSA to release the requested information.

  • provide OCRO's telefaxing phone number when appropriate.

  • go to step 7.

Inquiry from employer by correspondence?

If yes,

  • date stamp correspondence.

  • make telephone contact with employer to acknowledge receipt and provide name/phone number of Contact Specialist assigned to inquiry.

  • go to step 7.

If no, go to step 3.


Inquiry from Integrity Staff?

If yes,

  • check for name on OCRO authorization list before accepting case.

  • if inquirer isauthorized, provide your name/phone number.

  • if inquirer notauthorized, explain why you cannot start investigation.

If no, go to step 4.


Inquiry from analyst's office?

If yes,

  • keep them informed by periodic contacts.

  • go to step 7.

If no, go to step 5.


Inquiry from an R/O?

If yes,

  • ensure that R/O contact is authorized to make inquiry. Check R/O telephone directory and/or call someone else in R/O to verify.

  • provide R/O with periodic status calls.

  • go to step 7.

If no, go to step 6.


Inquiry from OPR?

If yes,

  • check OPR authorization list. If authorized, provide your name/phone number.

  • go to step 7.

  • if notauthorized, tell inquirer that you cannot provide requested information. STOP.

If no, tell inquirer that you can only provide information to authorized personnel.

NOTE: Recently field offices have been receiving bogus phone calls regarding employer report information. If you should get any suspicious calls:

  • do notprovide information

  • document calls

  • try to obtain identifying information

  • call servicing R/O

  • alert management.


Following instructions pertain to all inquiries.

  • Prepare a case folder. Annotate employer's name, EIN and periods in question on outside of folder.

  • Prepare Wage Report Status Sheet.

  • Enter sensitive indicator into DECS.

  • Prepare form SSA-4049. See RM 02270.015.

  • Contact servicing R/O.

  • Begin investigation. See RM 02270.025.

  • Contact inquirer for additional information and/or notification of resolution. STOP.

B. Glossary

CATERControl and Track Employer Reports