TN 7 (07-89)

RM 02270.040 Track Sensitive Employer Reports and Adjustments

A. Introduction

Track reports and adjustments until employee items become posted to individual earnings records.

B. Exhibit

C. Procedure

Annotate form SSA-4066 by following the steps below.



Annotate Part I of tracking sheet with:

  • employer's name

  • current date

  • EIN

  • tax year(s) involved

  • a check mark in appropriate box for expedite, normal (accord) or deleted cases.


Complete Part II by placing a check mark in box indicating:

  • type of corrective form prepared

  • whether mag media or a reinstatement is involved.


Complete Part III by checking blocking books located in Central Control area of EPB for your EIN. Annotate following information:

  • preparation date

  • blocking date

  • block number

  • date it was transmitted back to OCRO

  • batch numbers assigned

  • DOC that keyed work.

NOTE: Information in blocking books concerns adjustments. If you are involved with a report, this information is provided by DOC via a telephone call.

If case involves mag media then:

  • check PETAL list and annotate TLCN

  • place a check mark in box indicating non-receipt, resubmittal, returned or in-process

  • show age of case and when it was completed.


Using information from Part III, reference balancing batch control sheet to track work through balancing. Complete Part IV by writing:

  • date schedules were received in balancing and clerk number of person assigned to do balancing

  • date and number of employers/employees involved from LAAD listing

  • date balancing was started and completed

  • date(s) of first time and continuing keying

  • date and employers/employees involved in batch released from keying

  • any pertinent remarks.


Call Validation Branch and complete Part V by writing:

  • date batch was received in validation

  • purge batch number assigned by validation

  • run number of batch

  • date batch was released for posting.


When corrective action has been posted to earnings record, complete Part VI by writing:

  • posted run date

  • date of DEQY showing postings.

NOTE: It generally takes 3-6 months for a report to post and 12-18 months for an adjustment to post.


Complete Part VII by showing initials and date of clerks doing initial and followup tracking.


Check to see if adjustments deleted from balancing operation were reblocked. Prepare an adjustment if it was not reblocked or never blocked initially.

Check DOC list for reports they processed/deleted or CATER list if a report does not post:

  • get microfilm range number and EARED batch number for reports that were processed

  • call the Validation Branch to determine expected posting date

  • reorder DEQY's until postings appear

  • reprocess reports that were deleted.

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