TN 12 (08-85)

RM 02528.005 Output JOB JOP30

  1. A. 

    The command string for outputting job “JOP30” has been entered in SUPER, JOP30.

  2. B. 

    The batches for a block of “Operation 30” items are to be outputted to a single tape.

  3. C. 

    The header label is under jobname HDOP30.

  4. D. 

    Pause commands are included in the output tape commands.

  5. E. 

    The trailer label is in jobname TLOP30.

  6. F. 

    Prepare the external label as outlined below:

Block Information Description of Entry
File Code CRKEVR
Subfile Block Number (WBDOC - 5000m - 5099;
SDOC - 5300 - 5399; ADOC - 5600 - 5699)
Oper. Date Date the tape is outputted
Reel No. 1 of 1
Control Identification Blank
Misc. Data Blank
Track 9
Density 16
Machine System Identification
Clerk Console
Operator's Initials
  1. G. 

    After all desired batches have been outputted, place the external label on the tape reel, remove the reel and remove the write ring. Have the tape duplicated. Forward the primary and duplicate tapes to the transmission area.

  2. H. 

    Record the date and the tape inventory number on the control sheet for each reel outputted. Also, prepare the necessary quantity of Forms SSA-3738, Tape Transmittal, needed for your internal control purposes.

  3. I. 

    When the tapes have been duplicated, execute the command string to purge the batches that were written. The purge command is in SUPER, JOP30.

  4. J. 

    Record on the control sheet that each batch for the block has been deleted.

  5. K. 

    The tapes are to be transmitted to Baltimore.

  6. L. 

    The complete outputting process has now been executed.

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