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RM 03201.001 ERISA — Overview and Glossary

Citations: Social Security Act, as amended, Section 1131 (42 U.S.C.1320b-1) and Internal Revenue Code, Section 6057

A. Purpose

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    This section describes the interrelationship under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) between SSA and other federal agencies in providing information on potential private retirement income to workers who may have deferred vested retirement benefits.

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    This section provides general information on SSA’s ERISA workload for all concerned SSA components.

B. Terms Used in Pension Plans

Term Definition
Benefit Plan or Pension Plan A plan, fund, or program of an employer or employee organization that provides retirement income to employees.
Defined Benefit Plan A plan funded by employer (or employer and employees) providing a specific benefit formula to determine benefits payable to employees at retirement age.
Defined Contribution Plan A plan providing retirement benefits based on each employee's account to which the employer (or employer and employee) has made contributions.
Participant An employee or former employee covered by a benefit plan who may be eligible (or whose beneficiaries may be eligible) for benefits under the plan.
Plan Administrator
  • The employer;

  • Employee organization:

  • Association of two or more employee organizations; or

  • Other person designated in a pension plan as having responsibility for maintaining the plan.

Vested Benefit The earned benefit under a pension plan - either an immediate benefit or a future (deferred) benefit.

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